Monday, March 28, 2011


The sky is the limit
I consume that which burns,
Nor do I care what the future holds
Even the past will never last
With passion the fruits of my work,
Waiting, waiting, waiting,
As I climb the ladder
Six seven eight, the usual answers
I must say time and time again,
Jane is my best friend

Poem 9

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Run to the single thought that hasn't left me,
Twisting and turning by this fact
You're the anti thesis to my existence
Over glorified and inside out,
Even you can't say for sure
Who were you before you died?
Reincarnated into exactly what you wanted?
I won't be there to dry your eyes,
Even if it kills me on the inside
I don't know you and you don't know me

You would have noticed these aren't tears,
And wiped the blood off my face a long time ago

Poem 8

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Faint blinding thoughts
The city you don't know,
Yet you push forward dreamer
Nightmares cower in your silent memories,
To visit that which is unreal
Sometimes it's best to forget,
When the haunting is too much to bare
Memories will strike you down,
And bring back that which you buried
Long ago in the crevices of your mind
Holding on to secrets we can never accept,
While our whole world falls to pieces
Into your hands your own creation
Out of sight and out of mind
Yet visions of your perfect world,
Take over what belongs to you
Dear dreamer if by chance you wake,
Will you remember that which only you know?
Memories of a time better than this?
Your first love your first kiss?
Through thick and thin we find our haven
Difference in thought by what you make,
Dreamer, dreamer, my soul to take

Poem 7

Some Inspiration

A while ago, a friend showed me a video of Andrea Gibson reciting a poem.  It really inspired me to become a poet.  I recommend everyone to listen to it.

Andrea Gibson's, "Birthday"

She also has many other poems on YouTube so I recommend listening to those as well; they are all works of art.


My pen is my is my sword
Ink piercing the armor of reasoning
Double-edged contemplation
That the words may disappear off the page
Ready for battle and sing true song,
And I'll make you feel what I feel
To be comfortable in skin that does not belong
Not knowing what tomorrow brings
To love and hate and make one wonder,
Desperate you swallow man's happiness
Because you are alive my love,
Yet you will be the death of me
Listen to the music and shed a tear,
So that loneliness has a partner
The world in a different light
Time does not pause under circumstance
Where is the color in my own mind?
The world in black and white
And with this I allow
Shades of gray empower
Cut out the core of my memory,
And let me go

Poem 6


Sparkling under tempting experience,
Dangerous and willing,
Dripping, and dripping, and dripping,
Falling under we have no choice
Fear the weak for what they have,
Secretly stronger than your bones,
Yet you pass glances,
And pull those strings
Believe for hope named luck,
Your mystery confounding
Cold hands and cold feet
Why do we stay here?
To cleanse doubt in a perfect world

Poem 5


Dear my daily sacrifice,
Fleets of the sky
Beautiful keeping distance
Is all you can do in admiration
Food for thought, I'll speak not
Wait and see other days
The passing ocean and phrases
Knowledge does not possess the words
Which to make it all worth it
Keep me sleeping and wake,
As the sand creeps over my body
Gales of wind sing the tide
A shadow among vast Earth

Poem 4


Loyalty among those caring
Mystical magical times
With loving needs,
Yet so easily deceived
Lose yourself to gain ever more
The rifts my spirit of nevermore
Vengeance does not seek interest
The cost of revenge perhaps
A lifetime of tears in need
One last breath, I'll speak my heart
Never taking what never was
Something beautiful hides away
Entering the garden of Eden,
So the poisonous ideas circulate
I do not know why the sky is dark,
Or why memories that fade from dreams
Remembering, remembering,
Never taking what never was
All to forget as an archive
Filled to the brim and overflowing
Bleeding the words that dive
Deeper and deeper as we drown
Facts and opinions do not cry
Wiping tears realizing all along,
Love is but a word
Representing feeling under lies,
One may never make it out alive

Poem 3


Managing alone difficult enough
Without the help needing,
Like a screw in the wrong threading
We are so naive,
And yet ignorance is bliss
Meanwhile live accordingly
Jokes of friends never making sense
The smile is all that we have
As the thunder follows the lighting
Safely the storms pass,
Guessing to thank friends for that

Poem 2

What Makes Happiness

Resemblance of pain unwanted
Lacking the luster of better signs
Emotion we seek is not near,
Without the reaper whispering in you ear
Throw it all away,
For necessity will not provide
Trade in your gun;
Power lies not in mistakes
You try to understand
Perhaps never is the option
Pain is beautiful for what comes after,
Happiness will be that much brighter

Poem 1