Friday, April 29, 2011

Destination Unforgiven

Your traffic lights, and angry rage,
Only spreading unnecessary hate
For what do you know of what lies behind,
The wheel of direction or the wheels beneath
Perhaps your selfish entitlement,
And quick drawing fingers,
Will speak words louder than your screams
A child frightened, a child in need,
A child reared by ignorance as the steam
Fills the air for you do not care
And yet we ask the same question
Punish juvenile behavior, future does not decide
For what they learn is engrained inside

Poem 20

For those that can't already tell what this is about, I was on the road and witnessed a MOTHER holding down her horn for over a minute over a situation that really wasn't that bad. (a SLIGHT cut off, not me) She did the finger, she cussed, and she drove aggressively on the largest highway. (I live in freaking D.C.) . I'm pretty sure I gave more of a damn about the young kid in the backseat than she did.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Light and the Sound of Silence

I owe my life to this city,
To the darkness of sleepless nights
I'll slowly walk the roads,
Waiting upon the flashing lights
Distinction between safe inspiration,
Or the disappearance of your mind,
Always I know I'll find my way back,
Not for anyone or anything or everything,
The death of the unexpected,
Was the birth of my recollections

Poem 19

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So to make up for my recent inactivity, I actually worked harder on this one than usual, maybe you guys can relate?

OK, now this:

Black and white, the perfect architecture,
Stable society of machine made thinking,
Save your sob stories mulling over dead fields,
Blind to the greener side within your own mind
May words let you in, a brand new world,
Becoming that which you desire
Like the waves that crash on the shore,
The tsunamis and gentle low tides,
Sapping enjoyment for pain unseen
Maybe when you drop your facade,
You'll realize that in the end

It's all water, simply flowing water,
And these shores do not weep for the weak

Poem 18

Sometimes this describes exactly how I feel.

Yep, well maybe some of you can relate.  I don't obsess about it, I just imagine how things could have been different sometimes.

Back to the blog, been busy lately.

Hey everyone, sorry I've been late with everything, and haven't been too active lately on the blogs. Attended an anime convention, and totally destroyed my right arm at the rave; it's honestly a really annoying and painful minor injury that hasn't gone away in over a week, but I'm back and not dead, and will continue where I left off. It probably wasn't a good idea, but getting claps is so motivating, it almost made it worth it!  Almost... Among other things, I'm in the middle of a move also, so things will definitely speed up once I'm settled in. It's just good to be back, and be able to check out all the interesting blogs again ~wink~, and also just wanted to say thanks to all my loyal followers.

I will most likely start writing poems on a daily basis again, but I'm also working on something kind of secret as well. (hint, it has something to do with writing letters)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Untitled #2

The sting of my pen draws me closer
Every time, the pain two-fold,
Surrounded by intricate context,
If only you could record what you see,
As you delve into the chasms I call me
With every word I write, the pain subsides,
Even though these papercuts steal my passion,
Dripping ink from all your injuries,
At least it's not the bloodshed of yesterday

Poem 17

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

White Walls with Empty Seats

A world within a world,
Fortunes yet to be found
Days you enjoy without liability,
If only it were that easy
The freedom of men dwindles
Leave this place and be free,
At the cost of remaining lonely

The smiles fade and give way
Emotions disappear under the pressure
You may be right about ignorance
If only I could pretend,
Blissfully I would sleep at night
Maybe these four white walls
Could become my sanctuary

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Painful Prerogative

The winter wind rings like the loudest bell,
Singing loudly to let the world know,
Leaving it's kiss across your bare face,
And with cold hands and red cheeks,
I accept your challenge,
And will wait, and wait,
Until the seasons change

The sun will shine brightly,
Temperament and temperature relinquished
Waiting soundly has become majestic living
I turn to face you with a smiling face,
I turn to face you with a burning heart

The blizzard of melancholy still swirls
I cannot feel it among my skin,
But I can feel it on your face
You're heart has frozen over,
And I am not the fire that can melt your soul

But if I could do it all over again,
I'd stay as long as you need me

Poem 16

Monday, April 11, 2011


Your new sleek sophistication,
Gives way to new inspiration
You are who you are for but a day,
Tomorrow's expectations falling through
Even the conductor's greatest symphony,
You'll pass by with a fleeting eye
It matters not to you,
It will never be loud enough for your tastes

Why do you hide your pretty face with masks?
You spend so much time making it perfect
Satisfaction a forgotten word,
I had not the time to wait and see
As your mask became a part of you,
I lost all of me

Poem 15

Sunday, April 10, 2011

That One Guy

When time stands still, and your dreams lie ahead,
Grasping, steady steps, one last goal is all that's left
Like the hurdles that runners make over everyday,
Or the best player at every game,
Or the smartest one in class who makes straight A's
The extra mile, the avid gamer, the kid with perfect grades
Smug about talents of worldly approval
The best of men shine over time
Low and behold, as the truth is told,
The lowest social example will live an opulent life as you grow old

Poem 14

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Oh flying fruit of the sky,
I know not what brings you here
My humble abode you have made your home
And I, I cannot express my distress
Pull me from the depths of hell
The lack of sleep, evil intentions,
So pretentious, smug disguised,
A wolf in sheep's clothing
If only you could speak,
I'd receive your explanation
You stalk the night, in pitch black darkness,
Only to make me suffer
Tragedy will soak up your soul
Stripped of your wings, you will pay
I promise you, you will

Poem 13


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wise Man: Part II

I used to be an artist,
Utterly devoted not long ago
Disruptions from reality
Preserved my sanity
When the seasons changed,
The falling leaves gave way,
The snowstorms, the blazing sun,
All these memories I have painted
Tasked not to imitate,
But simply to imagine
Fifteen minutes of fame comes with great pain
Time dulls the mind and memories fade
My world can save the past,
The cost overwriting reasoning
A picture lasting a thousand words,
Or all you can recall from a time forgotten?
I lived my life through paintings,
Until the paintings lived through me,
And then all that was left
Was for me to draw my last breath

Poem 12

Wise Man: Part I

I used to be a writer,
My pen ambitious waiting for the kill
A perfect story revealing
Secrets we have no excuse for telling
Covering the landscape with paper,
Life like print is colorblind,
Beautiful only until the ink dries
As I lay a world fell,
With another to take it's place
On my very whim, death and rebirth
Dimensions of fiction can not betray
That which has already infected our minds,
At which times my pen cried,
Tears that have not been shed for years,
And as those words fell out,
My cold dead fingers were put to rest
I stared you straight in the eyes,
And became enveloped by a familar face
The reason for writing is simplistic
To which emotions do your words endow?

Poem 11

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Expend what little air left exhaling,
My lungs collapsing as I drown
Time wasted trying too hard to prevent
That which is accidental,
And inevitable seeking,
No other meanings
Intelligence is an enemy,
Setting traps into your void
Your heart will not last forever,
No matter how hard you try and lie;
Even the wise are subject to destiny

Poem 10