Thursday, March 24, 2011


My pen is my is my sword
Ink piercing the armor of reasoning
Double-edged contemplation
That the words may disappear off the page
Ready for battle and sing true song,
And I'll make you feel what I feel
To be comfortable in skin that does not belong
Not knowing what tomorrow brings
To love and hate and make one wonder,
Desperate you swallow man's happiness
Because you are alive my love,
Yet you will be the death of me
Listen to the music and shed a tear,
So that loneliness has a partner
The world in a different light
Time does not pause under circumstance
Where is the color in my own mind?
The world in black and white
And with this I allow
Shades of gray empower
Cut out the core of my memory,
And let me go

Poem 6

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