Thursday, March 24, 2011


Faint blinding thoughts
The city you don't know,
Yet you push forward dreamer
Nightmares cower in your silent memories,
To visit that which is unreal
Sometimes it's best to forget,
When the haunting is too much to bare
Memories will strike you down,
And bring back that which you buried
Long ago in the crevices of your mind
Holding on to secrets we can never accept,
While our whole world falls to pieces
Into your hands your own creation
Out of sight and out of mind
Yet visions of your perfect world,
Take over what belongs to you
Dear dreamer if by chance you wake,
Will you remember that which only you know?
Memories of a time better than this?
Your first love your first kiss?
Through thick and thin we find our haven
Difference in thought by what you make,
Dreamer, dreamer, my soul to take

Poem 7

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