Thursday, March 24, 2011


Loyalty among those caring
Mystical magical times
With loving needs,
Yet so easily deceived
Lose yourself to gain ever more
The rifts my spirit of nevermore
Vengeance does not seek interest
The cost of revenge perhaps
A lifetime of tears in need
One last breath, I'll speak my heart
Never taking what never was
Something beautiful hides away
Entering the garden of Eden,
So the poisonous ideas circulate
I do not know why the sky is dark,
Or why memories that fade from dreams
Remembering, remembering,
Never taking what never was
All to forget as an archive
Filled to the brim and overflowing
Bleeding the words that dive
Deeper and deeper as we drown
Facts and opinions do not cry
Wiping tears realizing all along,
Love is but a word
Representing feeling under lies,
One may never make it out alive

Poem 3

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