Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Painful Prerogative

The winter wind rings like the loudest bell,
Singing loudly to let the world know,
Leaving it's kiss across your bare face,
And with cold hands and red cheeks,
I accept your challenge,
And will wait, and wait,
Until the seasons change

The sun will shine brightly,
Temperament and temperature relinquished
Waiting soundly has become majestic living
I turn to face you with a smiling face,
I turn to face you with a burning heart

The blizzard of melancholy still swirls
I cannot feel it among my skin,
But I can feel it on your face
You're heart has frozen over,
And I am not the fire that can melt your soul

But if I could do it all over again,
I'd stay as long as you need me

Poem 16


  1. very powerful. did you write this?


  2. I used to be really good in English class. I may have to dig up some of my old poems and stuff.

  3. goodbyes tend to suck. you'll find another

  4. Where do you find the motivation to write all these great poems?

  5. You are such a good poet, keep it up!

  6. challenge accepted well done poem I like that

  7. Brrr. Just reading this makes me cold!