Friday, April 29, 2011

Destination Unforgiven

Your traffic lights, and angry rage,
Only spreading unnecessary hate
For what do you know of what lies behind,
The wheel of direction or the wheels beneath
Perhaps your selfish entitlement,
And quick drawing fingers,
Will speak words louder than your screams
A child frightened, a child in need,
A child reared by ignorance as the steam
Fills the air for you do not care
And yet we ask the same question
Punish juvenile behavior, future does not decide
For what they learn is engrained inside

Poem 20

For those that can't already tell what this is about, I was on the road and witnessed a MOTHER holding down her horn for over a minute over a situation that really wasn't that bad. (a SLIGHT cut off, not me) She did the finger, she cussed, and she drove aggressively on the largest highway. (I live in freaking D.C.) . I'm pretty sure I gave more of a damn about the young kid in the backseat than she did.


  1. i never understood road rage, some people are crazy drivers.

  2. People charged with road rage should lose there licence for awhile.

  3. Really crazy ppl acting like that. Just be thankfull that you dont know her. Great poem by the way.

  4. rage just puts you and others in danger.. not cool at all

  5. You should teach poetry seriously, if you can turn your rage into this you surely have a talent. If it was me I'd curse all her family to death, seriously.

  6. Holy cow this is kind of creepy, I feel like something similar to this scenario happened to me recently...

  7. nice poetry dude. perhaps try to work on your meter...