Thursday, April 14, 2011

Untitled #2

The sting of my pen draws me closer
Every time, the pain two-fold,
Surrounded by intricate context,
If only you could record what you see,
As you delve into the chasms I call me
With every word I write, the pain subsides,
Even though these papercuts steal my passion,
Dripping ink from all your injuries,
At least it's not the bloodshed of yesterday

Poem 17


  1. On a poem related note. One time at school my friend wrote a poem and the teacher called him out on it and said he plagiarized it. Long story short it took him 2 weeks to get the A he deserved, but I do not know how you can really grade poetry.

  2. I especially like the last two lines

  3. I know you don't write for publicity... but you should get published!

  4. Dripping ink from my vagina,
    At least I'm not a hipster

  5. Once again, another beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing like always.

  6. symbolizes you and your passion for writing, and how you express yourself through it. good stuff.